[PS4][2009][Multiple new issues]

The game was pretty great before the latest patch. Now there’s a multitude of different glitches.

*Birds fly all choppy like they’re moving at 10fps.

*Textures on rocks/cliffs look like clay/playdough.

*All in game menus are now dark with red tint. Completely unreadable without disabling HDR.

*Frame rate is much worse. Stuttering and delayed movement a lot of the time.

*Shadows flickering

*Having to play the game with HDR disabled.

Honestly the patch made the gameplay much worse. I’m on day 30 and this is the only game I play at the moment so it was extremely noticeable when I logged on the other day. I deleted the game and reinstalled and also started a new game to see if issues would go away but nothing has helped.

Hopefully you guys can get everything worked out. The game was so much better before. Too bad we can’t delete patches :sob:

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Patience is key here. That’s literally all we can do, till devs get an idea of what happened. Us playing the game and helping them finding the flaws, will make the game better :slight_smile:

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Hi Switchellmobb,

Thank you for sharing your experiences with the new update.

The textures on cliffs and the PS4 HDR issues are ones the team are aware of and are investigating.

I shall alert the team to issues you are experiencing with the birds, shadows and frame rate.

I see you have a post on tarps while I shall also respond to, but in the mean time if you notice anything else different between version 1820 and the latest version 2009, please do let me know.