PS4 [2009] Camp bed texture issue


The camp bed has a texture issue.
It lays down on the floor.
I think that the picture describes it better than I could explain it :grin:

Furthermore the camp bed functions are working fine. I can use it for saving and sleeping.

On the left is a camp bed which I created before the update to 2009.
On the right is the new camp bed which I created after the update to 2009.

I can confirm this bug as well.

Same here, I have the exact same issue. I’m playing on a PS4 and have the 2009 update.

Thanks for reporting this Marwal - the comparison image is great! I shall submit a report to the team.

Thanks NLGpro and Kate for letting me know you see it too.

I can confirm this as well. But if you turn the camp bed on its side the legs interact with the ground as it always has, not slipping into the terrain at all

Interesting - I’ll add a note for the team to check that out if they haven’t already!