PS4 [2009] Building texture Issue

We builded a large footbridge (with planks) before the update 2009.
Now are several texture issues at the floors.

The issues starts at the end of the footbridge.

Unsuccessful steps to fix it:

  • clear cache
  • rebuild ps4 database

I think that a small workaround could be to cut the bridge to the point where the issues don’t exist.


Hi Marwal,

Is this a bridge across two islands? It looks like this issue is occurring where the load point is for approaching an island. This point will likely cause issues regardless because of what happens here with more detailed textures and objects loading in. Cutting it so there’s a gap would be the best bet. I’m not sure how big that area is, but you may find you need to cut one or two out of the area at least.

Yes, I know about the “dead zone” between islands.
We tried to build a footbridge between two islands but it’s not possible to build sth across this dead zone. Furthermore sometimes it’s possible to build but it disappear when I reload the game or the island will be reloaded (like moving to another island and back).
Cause we get to know the dead zone, we cutted the bridge before. But before the update there were no texture issues on the bridge.

We are going to cut the bridge and see if the issues still persists.
Maybe it’s important to investigate in this texture issues cause they could be hint of something else :wink:

I’ll keep you updated.

I agreed it’s definitely something to keep an eye on, especially as that looks like a low level of detail door texture popping forward.

I’ll keep an eye out for any updates from you and pass them onto the team :slight_smile: