PS4 1820 Gameplay My raft disappeared

I accidentally fell off my raft while the sail was up. So I quit to the main menu and loaded my last save. When I searched my island, my raft was gone. It was large and made of very limited resources. I always put the anchor down before the sail. So I know it didn’t float away. I just loaded my game and it was gone. I always anchor inches from shore. I haven’t changed any settings other than changing animals to passive. I have built a new raft and will keep playing. But if this happens again, I will have to stop. It took me three days to build the first raft. I’m sorry if I did this format wrong, I’ve never been on a forum. I just wanted to report this issue and hopefully get some help.

Hi cosmicfishy, welcome to the forums

I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced this issue in your save.

Can you confirm for me you’re on the PS4 version 1820? The version number is in tbe bottom left of the main menu and should read as “2033” if you’re up to date. I’ve also changed your title to reflect the section of the game impacted - “Gameplay” instead of “Audio” for easy reference for myself and the team.

There is an issue with rafts vanishing that the team are aware of and are investigating. We have a Known Issues post on it here - [Known Issue] Rafts/Gyro vanishing after sleep/save

From reports I’ve had from other players this may occur when a player arrives back at their island and saves immediately or if they quit, check the cartographer and load back into their save. Do either of these match what happened to you when you last saved or when you loaded your game?

I understand how disheartening this issue can be and appreciate you taking the time to post on the forums and let us know what happened.

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