[PS4][1.11][Crashing] Frequent Game Crash when Saving


  • single player game
  • Still on my first game save since started playing when free from PS+
  • There’s always some lag when saving or entering new zone.
  • Not many loose items, but a good number of crates, and built objects.
  • Crash happens using both sleeping bag or tent, location doesn’t seem to matter. Has happened on multiple islands, and amount of items on islands doesn’t seem to make a difference either.
  • only option changed since latest update was turning animals back to passive
  • no changes to console

can’t remember if this was my save using 0000000001 seed or not. can look it up later if necessary


  • have added several custom islands pretty much from the beginning.
  • changed animal setting to remove during the interaction bug, then back to passive after fix.

Saving. I have been saving more often due to these crashes to diminish the loss of progress, every time a gamble. It’s been getting quite annoying bc it happens after about 30 min of playtime (give or take 10min) and probably 7-10 saves (wasn’t really counting).


  • reloaded game every time it happens, allows play for a while then reoccurs.
  • have not tried clearing cache
  • I saw some posts saying you should look up at sky for 5-10 seconds before saving, but doesn’t see to help.
  • This did not happen to me before the latest update. Though it is better than not being able to interact with anything, loss of progress is still a big pain.

Hi Ghadente,

Thank you for reporting this and sharing those details. I’ve included them in my report for the team on this issue. As this can happen in any location I believe it’s different to the crashes that can occur with a build up in lag, which may be why the looking at the sky workaround does not work - Thank you for letting me know what you did try though as it can help me separate out similar issues.

If you notice anything else or any sort of pattern starts to appear other than it occuring every 7-10 saves, please let me know and I’ll updae the team. I understand how frustrating this, especially when progress is lost and appreciated you taking the time to share these details.

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