Protection against lost items

Currently, the game inventory is set up so that if your inventory is full, and you have an item in your hands that’s not in a tool slot, you’ll drop it if you switch to something that doesn’t free up an inventory space.

I feel like adding in a way to prevent swapping non-toolbelt items out for a toolbelt item while having a full inventory would help a lot of people. This would involve an error message saying something along the lines of “My bag is full. Grabbing that would risk losing something.” for items that won’t free an inventory space for the held item.

If we could have something that prevents accidental item dropping, I’m sure that would help many people out.


Yeah, I’ve lost a few flashlights into the depths from this. Not a big deal to lose a flashlight, but when you can’t see anything and can’t even look for the flashlight… well, you drown. :laughing:

I have to second this one. I’ve lost a lot of small tools this way. They can be almost impossible to find in grassy areas, especially if you don’t realize they were dropped until a while later and you’ve been moving around the island gathering leaves.


Excelent idea!! So many times i’ve lost so many items with no clue

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