Por favor coloquem a linguagem em portugues do Brasil

por favor coloquem a opçao de poder escolher a lingua portugues do Brasil por favor por favor por favoooooooorrrrrr


please put the option of being able to choose the Brazilian Portuguese language please please please favoooooooorrrrrr

Hi massagardi2021,

I’ve added a translation to your post.

As all our staff are English speakers, we ask that players post in English as per the Rules and Guidelines

As our Staff and Moderators are all English Speakers, please avoid using other languages. We need to be able to read everything posted in order to effectively run the forums. If you are unable to or do not feel confident writing in English, please use an online translator. If you are concerned about your post being mistranslated you may post in your preferred language on the condition that a 1:1 translation accompanies it.

Thanks for the suggestion and your interest in the game!
I’ll pass it to the dev team on your behalf.

I’m sorry, I would love to have this game and that it has the option of my Brazilian Portuguese language. many Brazilians just like me would also like to get the game in this language. thank you and happy new year for everyone.

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