Player 2 got disconnected near end of Squid battle

Xbox1 S - CoOp Mode - 2107

All was going well, we were just 3 good Speargun Arrows away from beating the giant squid.
Player2 died, I started their way to revive them and Poof! they got disconnected.

Wasn’t even all the lagy during the fight for either of us…
The squid had been dragging Player2 away but then let go and Player2 was just floating dead in the water at the time of disconnect and I was swimming toward them.

I finished the squid off alone and then re-invited them. After the load screen we both checked and have the new trophy. So seems like all is ok? Just wanted to let you know.

Upon return to homebase, we have worse ever lag, and found crates appearing empty that we knew was not. We saved and quit, then reloaded together and now things seem ok again, our stuff is back in the crates.

That was our last boss too, after reloading we each made our trophies and mounted them on our own halves of the HQ… Then we hopped on the motorboat and zoomed over to the airplane carrier and flew away… I can’t believe what you did to us at the end! After all that hard work to escape…

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Hi Picaro,

Thank you for reporting this, I’m sorry to hear you experienced a disconnection at this point but I’m glad you were both able to get the trophy. I’ll let the team know you experienced this.

When this occured, could you tell if your friend had been dragged close to the edge of the boss arena?

And congrats on finishing the game!

If you decide to return to continue your life on the islands, please do let me know if you experience any further disconnect or lag issues.

The squid was dragging them away from the central buoy, but not so far that they were out of bounds IMO…
The whole fight was basically centered around that buoy…

Thank you for confirming that for me Picaro, I’ll let the team know.