Player 2 fence time out

Xbox series x

Player 2 disconnecting when traveling togeather on a constructed raft to another location. Getting the fence timeout. We aren’t doing anything before leaving from the save. We load in jump on the raft and leave and about halfway to the island everything disappears on it and the game stutters really bad then player 2 gets the fence timeout.

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It’s probably due to lag

Are you and p2 on the same Xbox or separate Xbox’s?

Hi Gazelle,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with disconnects in game when traveling together.

The halfway mark is where the previous island unloads and the new island starts to load it. It is possible it cold be due to lag as Bisketti mentioned, but please let me know:

  • What is the NAT type of your internet connection (this can be found in the Network Settings of your console.)
  • Are you both using a wired or wireless connection or a mix of both? Have you tried both using wireless to see if that helps at all?
  • What ISP and router are you using?
  • What region are you playing on?
  • When player 2 is disconnected, does the host remain in the game or have they also been kicked at any point?
  • How old is your save? Has this occured from the begining, or has it started to happen after a significant amount of progress has been made in game?
  • Are you heading to a game generated island or a custom one?
  • Is the island you’re leaving your base island? And does it have a lot of loose items on it or a lot of construction?

Thank you

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