Player 2 essentially can't play anymore

My friend and I were on an island trying to kill some animals for hide. My friend was killed by a night snake, while he was downed, he timed out. After he joined back, everything seemed normal, he was just as he was when he wasn’t downed. Upon opening containers, they were empty despite being filled to the brim, this problem is fixable by taking out and putting items back in. Though, that’s not the only issue, he wasn’t able to cook food, even if I placed it; he wasn’t able to eat meat. He wasn’t able to lose stamina or oxygen. He couldn’t die either, when he took damage or died, he would turn invisible, making him invulnerable, but he would time out almost instantly. Loading times would increase, making loading in take minutes, the most for us was around 7 to 10 minutes, normally it’s only around 2 minutes at most. And lastly, he timed out more often, timing out every few minutes, normally he would time out every few hours or so. There weren’t any issues beforehand.

When player 2 times out while downed.

Reloading saves and restarting games don’t work. The only solution we found was to start a new world.

Fully have you and him restart

Also he would have died not get downed

We’ve tried that already, it doesn’t do anything. And yea, I realized that when posted it, I was just too lazy to edit it.

If by fully restarting you mean an entirely new save file starting from day 1 that’s not a fix at all, that’s the definition of the game being unplayable. There’s got to be some kind of resyncing or something that can be done

Hi Unris,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We’ve received a similar report recently where player 2 stats would not / could not be updated during gameplay and I will add your info to that report.

The fact that this occurred during a time out while their character was dead is interesting and may help the team investigating this issue. When this happened, was he able to rejoin the game, did you save and finish the gameplays session without him, or did you need to reload the save so he could join?

The other player reporting similar issues also reported that traveling to a new island temporarily lifted the issue with the stats but that they might take damage that didn’t apply when they were invulnerable. Have you noticed anything like this during gameplay?

Please also let me know:

  • What console are you playing on?

  • Are you in the same household on the same connection or in separate households?

  • What region are you playing in?

  • What is the NAT type of the host and Player 2? (This information is in the network connection settings on your console)

  • If you swap who is host, does this help at all with your desyncs and disconnections?

  • What Router type and ISP are you both using?

Any additional information you can provide about your experience would be greatly appreciated and can help the team to investigate further.

Thank you.

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We’re playing on PS4. We had to reload the save in order for him to join back. When we traveled to a different island, he would stay glitched. I saved after he timed out, though I do believe that if I didn’t, we could’ve avoided the glitch. We are in separate households. We both use NAT type 2. We both use wireless routers, and we both use Spectrum. Swapping hosts or saves removes the glitch, but upon reentering that save, the glitches will still be there. And for more things about the glitch, as you might have guessed from the title, the host isn’t affected, only player 2.

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Hi Urnis,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to. Thank you for those additional details on what steps were taken when the glitch occurred. I’ll pass this onto the team to they can try replicate it.

I know that Sam (Developer) has mentioned in another thread that Spectrum ISP has been known to have issues with the third-party Photon relay servers that the game uses. While I understand it’s not ideal, it may be worth attempting to host a game over a mobile connection to rule out any connection issues there. Are you using Spectrum routers too, or an independent brand?

I am not sure if that’s what has caused the issue with player 2’s stats though.

To be sure I’m understanding what happens correctly… when you say that swapping hosts or saves removes the glitch but re-entering the save means the glitches will still be there, are you saying…

  • If one person hosts, the glitch is not present at all?
  • Swapping who hosts means the host doesn’t see the glitch, but player 2 always does?
  • New saves do not show the glitch to either players, but returning to your established save does?
  • New saves do not show the glitch until you save and reload the new save?

Thank you.

[Edit: I realise I addressed this to the wrong member of the thread and have changed the name]