Play without shipwrecks

Does anyone know if there a map seed or other means that would allow SD to be played without shipwrecks and/or minimal resources? Currently playing on and surrounded by small created islands w/out wrecks and limited resources but would like to generate a map to make survival truly difficult

I don’t believe there is anything ‘official’ like you are describing, like a mapseed; but I do have a possible suggestion. It sounds like you are already comfortable with created islands / using the cartographer.

Hantacore: has a mod called “All-in-one” tool; one of those tools is to do a randomized map.

If I wanted to do “truly difficult”, here’s one way… 1) move to a new save game slot. 2) in that save game slot (let’s say I moved to slot 3), go into the cartographer, and create a new world (seed doesn’t matter). Exit, and don’t start the game at all. 4) go run Hantacore’s tools, and under World Randomizer Tab… 5) Pick Slot 3. 6) World Options: Yes for Use Missions, No for Mix User and procedural Maps, Yes for Start in the deep. 7) World type: Open Sea 8) on the left, you’ll see your available custom maps. Since in my scenario I said no procedural maps, and 10 locations; select at least 7 custom islands (you can select more). Then “Generate World”.

Go back and start a new game using save slot 3… you’ll start in the middle of the ocean, and only have about 7 islands, widely scattered (most likely), because of the max of 10, I think 3 of those 10 are the missions; but I forget if it’s 10 islands + missions, or if it is 10 locations; 3 of which are for the missions.

Regardless… those settings would certainly make it harder.

If you want to make it even HARDER; add in Hantacore’s “Wet and Cold” mod. No more running around in the rain at night and being totally fine…