[PC-Steam][0.90.11][Coop]Raft disappeared in online coop mode

I played the game with friend online for hours and we built ourself a nice raft. We saved game and quit the game just to see the next day that raft was gone. I didn’t build anchor yet so before saving and quiting I dragged raft to shore so it couldn’t possibly have been drifted away. This is so discouraging that we don’t even want to play the game anymore because building new raft feels pointless if it also disappears. We tried to go look for the raft but I’m pretty sure game just bugged out and discarded it. In single player mode raft has never disappeared yet altough I received false notifications about it drifring very far away even if it was at the shore.

Seed #48042393

Graphical settings were set to highest possible.

Tried to load saved game again but didn’t fix it.

We haven’t overwritten saved game so if it’s somehow possible to get the raft back I would be thankful. Or does raft need anchor before it’s saved properly or does it just disappear randomly no matter what?

We went looking for the raft once more using the life raft and amazingly we found it drifting very far away from our home island. It was very happy moment and we got our motivation back. It appears that it wasn’t a bug after all except that it was a bit weird that raft had somehow teleported there because it was nowhere to be seen near our island right after we went online.

Build an anchor and leave it on the ground. Then the raft will not float away. :slight_smile:

Now raft hasn’t disappeared/drifted away since. But now raft base parts without floor disappeared after we loaded into our online game and we lost many barrels and tires.