[PC][STEAM][0.90.08/0.90.11][GAMEPLAY] Inventory item selection

When you select items in your inventory, it says “Inventory Full” and won’t switch to the item you’ve selected from your inventory.

I’m not sure if this is a feature or a glitch, but having to constantly drop items to switch to something else already in my inventory is very frustrating.

Can you please address this.

P.S Otherwise, fantastic game!


Both myself and my co-op friend have the same issue.

Rebooting the game does nothing, there are no settings that change it.
This happened

If your inventory slots are all filled and all stacks are full and the item you’re holding isn’t one of those items then there is nowhere in your inventory for that item to go.

Please make sure that isn’t the case.

Hi there, thank you for your prompt reply.

No, this happens when you’re using an item in your inventory and trying to switch to another item in your inventory.

I’m not adding or removing an item from my inventory, just selecting it for use via the inventory wheel.

It will not let you swap until you drop or store an item.

Think of the top slot as your hands and not an inventory slot unless there is a duplicate item in your current inventory you can’t swap till one of other slots is empty. It confused me at first to but soon as you realize the top one isnt inventory it makes it easier. They should have made that slot with a different background color