[PC][Steam][0.90.00][Coop-Multiplayer] Cannot remove an item or put it on hand at the personal inventory

When playing a Coop-Game, suddenly and don’t know why, a wooden trunk just stays there and I can’t interact with it. It cannot be removed by dropping it, it cannot be taken in hand, and it cannot be added to a stack of wooden trunks.


Stock Settings, no customization


  1. Harvest palms
  2. Run around
  3. Stack items on top of a stack: no reaction.
  4. Drop the item on the ground: no reaction.
  5. Put the item on hand: no reaction.
  6. All other items work as expected, just that one item does nothing.

Just reconnect with the same game again and the wooden trunk were unexpectedly on the ground, where I must have dropped it.

Maybe the player log helps:

  • Player.log: https://0x0.st/-gZH.txt
  • Player-prev.log: https://0x0.st/-gZX.txt
(I replaced the account name with `$USER`)


Here are 2 pictures… this time not a wooden trunk, but palms:

And when I try to save, i get this notification: