[PC][Steam][0.90.00][Coop-Multiplayer] Cannot remove an item or put it on hand at the personal inventory

When playing a Coop-Game, suddenly and don’t know why, a wooden trunk just stays there and I can’t interact with it. It cannot be removed by dropping it, it cannot be taken in hand, and it cannot be added to a stack of wooden trunks.


Stock Settings, no customization


  1. Harvest palms
  2. Run around
  3. Stack items on top of a stack: no reaction.
  4. Drop the item on the ground: no reaction.
  5. Put the item on hand: no reaction.
  6. All other items work as expected, just that one item does nothing.

Just reconnect with the same game again and the wooden trunk were unexpectedly on the ground, where I must have dropped it.

Maybe the player log helps:

  • Player.log: https://0x0.st/-gZH.txt
  • Player-prev.log: https://0x0.st/-gZX.txt
(I replaced the account name with `$USER`)


Here are 2 pictures… this time not a wooden trunk, but palms:

And when I try to save, i get this notification:

don’t know why this is being ignored, same issue here with co-op items stashed away in crates, PS4. I’ve had it happen to a Kura fruit that just disappeared when I put a new one in there and then I had 2 potatoes intangible in one of my crates, added 2 more and now all 4 are inaccessible.

Hi RatedE4Everyone,

Are you still experiencing the interaction bug as per the original post?
If so please provide details of what you are experiencing.

Are you experiencing this on PC and PS4 or just on PS4?