[PC-Steam][0.90.00][Audio, Notification] Two Bugs

I find two bugs in 0.90.00.


  1. When the inventory is full, the beep sound keeps coming out.
  2. Mysterious notification keeps popping up.


  1. When the inventory is full, the sound keeps coming out.
    After the update, when the inventory is full, the sound (which comes out when you try to acquire an item when the inventory is full) continues to appear.
    This sound is very annoying when I playing. Please fix the bug.

  2. Mysterious notification keeps popping up.
    The notification keeps popping up that my rafts, lifeboat, and items placed on the ground are floating away. (But in my view, they are normally placed on the ground.)


Hi Mintcandy,

Thanks for bringing these issues to us. A bug report has been submitted for the inventory full sound issue.
For the notification can you provide some more details on how this started happening?

  • After how much gameplay time did the notification appear?
  • Did you notice any particular event that might have triggered them? (moving to a certain area, crafting a certain item, etc…)

If you could provide a screenshot or video of this issue it might be very helpful.

Sorry for the late reply.

As you can see from the screenshot, the lifeboat is well on the ground, but it is sending a notification that it is drafting away.
This notification sometimes occurs when save file is loaded at first.(not always, sometimes)
(I play Stranded deep in PC cafe, so I install stranded deep and load my save file every time I visit.)

In addition to this case, when a fish is stabbed in a spear, notification appears that the fish is drafting away.(always)

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I encountered a simmiliar problem, but not with my raft.

It occurs only while fishing.

Immediately, after i catch a fish with a spear, a notification pops up, as shown in the Screen.

Happens with every fish i tried. Sardine, Discuss, Archer, Cod, Lion, etc.
I am on PC, steam version, the world was first build under version 0.80