[PC-Epic][Saved Games] - Saved games not loading since latest update

Ever since the latest update a day or two ago, I’m unable to load any of my saved games. After clicking continue, the loading process initiates and finishes, then I’m left with a black screen.

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Hi Anthony_W,

Are there any gameplay sounds during this black screen?
If you press escape does the menu appear?

Hi Night_Snake,

Thanks for getting back to me.

No, no gameplay sounds whatsoever and escape doesn’t bring the menu up. I have to alt tab and kill the game’s process in task manager.

During the loading process, the loading stutters a little bit, then freezes on “cleaning up”, then just disappears altogether and I’m left with a black screen.

I’ve tried creating a new game, which works fine (except for the new bug which floats container shelves above your raft), just none of my saved games now work after the latest patch.

All my saved games were on a custom island with a very large house, if that helps.


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I don’t know whether this information is relevant, but I’ll include it anyway.

When I created a new world in the cartographer using the custom island I used on my saved games, all the Brick Piles (and a few other items) didn’t appear when I loaded the map, yet were present on the island when I edited it in the cartographer. I ended up having to delete all the Brick Piles individually (between 300 - 400) and re-place them on the island, after which they appeared when I loaded the map.


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Hi Anthony,

Any chance you could upload your save to google drive (or similar) and share it with me via PM?
Save is typically located at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Beam Team Games\Stranded Deep.

As you are Epic I wonder if there is a small chance will be able to sync and retrieve an older save
If you select sync save do you get an option to revert to an older cloud save?
Don’t forget to back up your local save first just in case.

Hi Anthony_W,

As mentioned via PM, this save appears to be working for me on the latest 0.90.04 update.
Worth mentioning here for anyone else having similar issues since the previous update.