[PC][Epic][0.76]Physics bug

Pulled next to a wrecked ship – masted sailing vessel with a set of salvageable tyres on board – and when I dropped the sea anchor on the life raft, it completely bugged, flying meters away. After chasing it down, and getting it right-side-up and hopping in, it continued flipping non-stop, forcing me to revert to my last save.


Scaled down graphics and scaled up FOV to max, but no custom islands.

I assume just following the same actions. Dropping anchor next to a wreck and watching it

Reloaded and it happened a second time. Not game-breaking, I’ll just need to remember not to anchor next to wrecks.

hey I had the same problem, played around 16 hours now and believe it is just down to the draggable items like tires, drift wood or drums don’t like to be moved on or near the rafts as it seams to cause conflict between the two. I find its easier to just move your raft close to them so you can highlight then drop the anchor and build them to it instead. hopes this helps.

I noticed with the life raft we had the same thing happen about 66% of the time when we dropped the anchor. We ended up with some broken legs from flying in the sky. We have not had this happen with a wood raft and crafted anchor. Though there have been times where it has flipped awkwardly due to physical anomalies. I think it is the same single layered physical graphical layer that causes plants to spawn halfway into rocks and the materials to spawn in the rocks rather than falling outside the rocks or planet floor. Or trophies that fall off the way whenever the game reloads and items like rocks bounce on each other.

I did notice with the life raft that if the water did not seem deep enough the anchor would cause more bounce.