[PC Epic][0.76.01][Save Games] After saving ingame an 'VirtualAlloc remapping failed' error occurred - savegame gone

I played for about 7 hours on my savegame, then i saved normally and got an error window “VirtualAlloc remapping failed”. After that the game crashed and my savegame is gone.


I never used the cartographer. Just started the game without changing the settings.
Of course this error just occurred once for me until now. And now i can still play, but my first savegame is lost.


  • I had another game running over the Epic Launcher when i played Stranded Deep and the error occurred. Don’t know if this is relevant. But because it was an allocation error i thought it could be important.

  • I think it would be nice to have more than one savegame for each save slot, just to be sure that you can’t lose your whole progress and have to start from zero.

Hi Dunie,

Welcome to the forums.
Sorry to hear that this happened to your save file.

In the Epic Game Launcher, if you go to your library, navigate to Stranded Deep and click on the three dots do you have the option of syncing your data?


Hi Night_Snake,

yes it is synced and also updated after the game crashed. So I think the file was also deleted in the cloud.