(pc)(epic)(0.76.00)(menu) save slots don't work

I had a single player game in save slot 1, I created a multiplayer game in save slot 3 and now my game in save slot 1 has disappeared. I haven’t tried to create a new game in a different save slot because I don’t want to lose my multiplayer one. What is the point of having save slots but not being able to use them?

Hi Tdee710,

Sorry to hear about this issue you’re having with the save slots.

If you synced your cloud data do you get that slot back?
You may wish to backup existing saves at the following location before trying anything.
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Beam Team Games\Stranded Deep
You’ll notice folders for your various save slots in the Data folder.

To sync your data:
Go to Library>Stranded Deep> Click the three dots and “Sync Data Now”.