[PC][][Server] Cannot connect to server issue

Does anyone have same issue as i have?
When i clicked ‘play online’ button on the very first screen, i faced the error massage saying “Cannot connect to server.”
I couldn’t even see the ‘host/join server’ page.
The message appears without any loading time as if it’s rather a problem of my pc.
I already tried restarting my pc, checking window defender, switching installation disc drive, and verifying integrity of game cache, but the issue remains.
I tried this yesterday, and the issue remains after today’s update.
I don’t know how to fix this.
I’m in South Korea.

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Hi Edaim76,

I’m not having any trouble with the region at the moment, are you playing with someone you know?
Where are they located?
Are you both connecting to the SK region?

Yes, we’re both playing in SK region, but my mate is not having any trouble.
More complicated thing is that my laptop is not having any trouble.
Only my desktop is the problem.
Is there any factor that can affect to proceeding from first page into online play page?

Are they connected the same way?
Is there a VPN or anything on the desktop?

Laptop uses wifi, and desktop uses wired internet.
But my desktop motherboard is available for wifi, so i tried wifi too.
I will try wifi again, but my last try did not solve the problem.
There is vpn program on desktop, but does the presence of the program (not running) affects the issue?

I tried wifi again (with wired internet off), but no change.
Any possible solutions???

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Apologies for the delay, we’re looking into it.