[PC][0.90][CO-OP] Guest Toolbelt Vanishes on Disconnect

After crafting any of the toolbelt upgrades, the guest player disconnects through any method (timeout, manual disconnect, etc) and rejoins the game, the toolbelt upgrade is no longer applied to the character. Crafting the next tier of upgrade (toolbelt pouch) will unlock the exected cumulative slots, but all slots are locked again upon disconnect/reconnect. Guest is not able to craft the initial toolbelt to remedy this bug and a check mark is present on all crafted hotbar upgrades made before disconnecting.

Tested on multiple seeds with 100% reproducibility on these two machines.

Both machines are on the same home network but connecting via online play.

Note: Host did run into an issue with Avast Antivirus quarantining the file “IDP.Generic” when attempting to host game for the first time, causing subsequent unhandled exceptions when trying to run the game initially. The file was taken out of quarantine and the game was able to run as expected.

(Also, just found the game yesterday and having a blast so far. Looking forward to the game’s future!)

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Thanks for this Veldruk.
The team is aware of this issue and a bug report was previously submitted.
Your details will be added to this report where required.