[PC][0.90.11][Online-Koop] Multiplayer connection error back to main menu

Sobald wir ein Spiel Hosten und wir dann auf der Weltkarte sind dauert es nicht lange und wir bekommen ein Verbindungsfehler und beide Spieler gehen zurück zum Hauptmenü.

Bitte um Hilfe

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Once we’re hosting a game and then we’re on the world map, it doesn’t take long before we get a connection error and both players go back to the main menu.
Please help

Hi BlackxanderTV, welcome to the forums,

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With regards to your issue, I work with the console version of the game, but I will pass your post onto the PC team.

Hi BlackxanderTV,

Can you give some additional details such as the exact connection error and specs of both users please?
It might also be help to give an indication of the general location of both users (without being too specific of course.)