[PC][0.90.08][Difficulty] The Difficulty resets

Started the game in “Hard Mode” and played for a few hours, then the next day of playing i just noticed it reset to “Normal Mode”. Hand didn’t get burnt when i used the firepit, shark hat disappeared, SPF regenerates after 15:00 instead of 18:00.

Oh yes, I have the same problem. But I play in Creative, and I was surprise when I load the game on the morning and I had stamina.
I just quit the save and reload it to fix that, but it’s time consuming, when you don’t have much.

Same here on 0.90.10
I start in Creative and Passive wildlife, after saving and quitting the game it starts again in normal mode.

The save file shows correct parameters

> "CustomSettings": {
> 		"Difficulty": "Creative",
> 		"Gender": "Male",
> 		"Gender2": "Male",
> 		"Permadeath": "Off",
> 		"Wildlife": "Passive",
> 		"StartingCrate": "Off"
> 	}

I have had this issue as well - tried in two separate save slots, and tried deleting and reinstalling (from Steam). Anyone found a way to fix the issue?


Hi TheWongBen,

Can you confirm that you are using 0.90.11?
(Bottom left hand side of main menu upon first starting the game.)

Hi all, did anyone who experienced this play a co-op game between the two sessions?

same here on 0.90.11, really annoying everything had reset including permadeath, couldn’t get save file back

Hi All, can you confirm you are experiencing this issue in the current build of the game?

Yes this is still an issue with 0.90.11 I always play in passive wildlife. now it just resets to normal and no way to get passive back without deleting the save and restart the map. Then after exit and restart it goes back to normal mode. It got so bad i had to quit playing. I have never tried coop only single player.

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Yes this is still an issue with 0.90.11. this is a frustrating issue I want to play the game in hard mode and the game keep defaulting to normal mode at random times. it has now happened to be on both hard and perma hard . Once the game defaults to normal there is no way to go back to hard mode.