[PC][0.90.00]Online Co-op another bug

Before I mentioned that with the game set to passive, it was only passive for me as the host. The guest was still being poisoned every few feet in the water.

It turns out that the same holds true in creative mode. As host, I was invisible (though my water and food went down by two points, they held there). I didn’t have to hold my breath under water. I had no running line so could run constantly. the animals left me alone, etc. Exactly as it should be. But that didn’t hold true for my sis. As guest, she was still struggling with food, water, uv, breath, running, animals poisoning her etc. very early on in the session she kept getting the message that she was very weak even though her food and water were only down by one point each at the time and her UV was only half way down. She wasn’t poisoned at the time. later on she had all the symptoms of starving and/or thirsting to death, while her food and water were only half way down. Her UV hit rock bottom and she started suffering from that too.

Please remember that this was all in Creative mode. But it was more like a very buggy normal mode for her. We had intended to gather stuff quickly and test build some houses to see how to do it. But we never got past day one. Sis finally gave up on the game and has left it. She won’t be back until we can actually play it together. I kind of wish she had started in solo mode first because it’s less buggy lol. This was her first experience with the game and it has turned her completely off.

I know adding multiplayer to a game is exceedingly difficult. I expected all of the bugs and appreciate all of what I’m sure you are doing to try to fix them. But you should also know that at the moment, online-multi player is unusable as it is for most people. I really hope the game survives this because it’s one of my favorites <3

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Thanks Aria_Rain.
We are looking into this issue.

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I had a similar issue in the sessions I was able to play. My friend and I would receive all the messages from each other.

Example: I’m hungry, he would receive the “I could use something to eat/I’m starving” message, and vice-versa.

It was more common with maxing out our inventories. This issue however would force both of us to drop an item before continuing to craft. Wack.