[PC][0.90.00][CO-OP] Sync World/Save Freeze

There is an error when joining/loading a co-op game for PC players.
There was a board posting suggesting a work around with multiple people stating its failure, but has not since been updated.
The purposed work around suggested having 1 person load a game and play on the island for at least 1-2 min before having the other player attempting to join.
Below is a summary of all attempts at Co-Op so far.
As for settings, we have not changed them in the slightest. We keep the default character and world settings and difficulty setting.

Player 1 and Player 2.
Player 1 hosts. Booted a game, got to the island alone, and proceeded to play normally working toward a shelter to force a save to see if that would help. Attempted joining at 3min, 5min, and 10min. All failing at Sync Save 11%-25%.
Player 1 continues to play until getting a shelter set. Creates save and passes time to day 2. Around 22min so far. Attempted again, Failure again at the same percentages.
Player 2 attempted to host. Again same procedure, same failures across all 4 attempts.

Attempted to start games from in lobby rather then waiting to get to island. it both cases of either player 1 or two hosting, the opening scene played and allowed us to interact in the water while going to the life raft. When getting to the life raft, it tried to load the world, sync save successful, but sync world freezes at 0%.
Tried multiple things. Waiting out side the life raft for 3,5 and 10min. All different attempts. We tried swimming in the water outside the boat until getting a strength up to see if that would help allocate date to our character/ World.

Physically cannot play together, please help.

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Thanks Onimanakuri,

The team are aware of the sync issue and are hard at work resolving this and all issues being reported.