[PC][0.76.00][Bug in game] Problems to find gyrocopter parts

Hi, my name is Tomas and I am from Argentina. I am new in this forum and I am very happy because I love Stranded deep. I didn´t finish the game yet, but I have visited around 12 islands and all the shipments that are near them and I didn´t find any gyrocopter part. I start searching about it in some steam forums and I saw that a lot of people had the same problem some months ago, and they said that they only found one at the airport carrier (I have not found that island yet). So the questions: Is this problem solved? Are the gyrocopter parts only at the airport carrier? Are the three parts needed to craft the gyrocopter at the airport carrier? I have read that some users added some custom islands to solve the problem and find the parts there, but I want to pass the game in its original form. Beforehand thank you so much, I really want to continue playing this fantastic game

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