[PC][0.74 (Newest Version On Steam)][Disappearing Raft]

So this issue started yesterday for me, which hasn’t happened in the rest of my journey until now. So I was sailing around to different islands for loot and everything was going fine. I then went to the “End Island” (Island where you can repair the plane) and explored the area. I then had a bedroll with me and I saved my game, which my raft was right in front of me, it was anchored down, and the sail was inactive when I saved the game (And my raft was there throughout the whole time I looted that island). I then shut down the game and when I went back to my save later on in that day, that’s when the problem happened.
When I loaded back into the game, my raft was nowhere in sight but everything else stayed the same (The items in my inventory were still in my inventory and the bedroll was still there). I tried reloading back into the game a few times, turning the game on and off, and the issue still occurs. I also looked around the area and went around in the ocean to see if my raft somehow floated away when it was anchored but it was nowhere in sight. I have a bad feeling that when I saved the game at the “End Island,” it somehow wiped my raft from existence when I went back into the game but I have no clue why my raft just vanished.
If this helps, my raft was a custom-made raft, which was a 3x6 raft. I had a sail, rudder, anchor, and motor on it. Each space on the 3x6 raft had a container with 3 chests in each of the containers, except for where the sail was and where I would stand for the rudder+motor (Also each space on the raft had a canopy on it except for where the sail was). Because I was looting islands, all of the chests had a ton of loot in them, including 4 jerry cans.

Hi TheOrangeBirb - Welcome to the forums!

I appreciate you taking the time to provide detail on the issue you experienced and I’m sorry to hear it occurred in your game. Unfortunately as this is the forums for the Console version of the game I work primarily with the console team to collect information on issues for them. To report issues for the PC version, please use the Steam forums - https://steamcommunity.com/app/313120/discussions/ or submit the details via the support form on the site https://www.strandeddeepgame.com/support if you have not done so already.

Ya, I realized soon after posting this report that it’s only for the console version. I then made a bug report here:

However, thanks for your quick response and the support link you included! :slight_smile:

No problem, thank you for your understanding and for providing a link to your report on steam, that’ll be of great help to other PC players that may come this way or if the console team need to use it as reference it at any point :slight_smile: