Patch 6 - Release Info and Details

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Re Multiplayer:

I answered this recently for another player - Multiplayer news - The current statement on multiplayer can also be found in Console Version FAQ but I included it in my response to them.

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I see you responded to another players virtual reality post in the suggestions section. Please continue post any suggestions in that section so we can keep them together and make sure they don’t get lost in comment threads :slight_smile:

Yes it would be very good, since on PC this split screen, they could at least add that and they would already be paired on both PC and consoles and it would be the only cooperative survival game apart from Ark, but anyway I hope they answer me that.

I just hope I can see it soon I love playing this game with my brother on PC but on console it would be more optimized and it would be more comfortable. And if I saw that they cannot go into details, but it is something that excites me a lot if it will be. Thanks for replying :heart::slight_smile:

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Ok, I only have 1 more question … Will they put a lot of maps as there are on PC? because sometimes it feels like too few to explore

No problem Fran :slight_smile:
This question would fall under another section of the Console Version FAQ

Will you be adding more items to the Console version?

Yes. While we do not have a set list of items and features or a timeline for when items will be ported across from PC, our aim is to bring as much as we can over to Console.

I recommend keeping an eye on News and Announcements because any changes or updates will be announced in that section first (then shared on Twitter and Facebook if you wish to turn on notifications there).

So i walked away from the game for a bit after update 5 lol because it was pretty bad, but im thinking of just starting a new game altogether. It sort of seems like most of the biggest problems were taken care of in this patch, of course with a few minor hiccups. I guess the worse thing that can happen is i find a sealed door on sunken ship?

Some items the team are still working on but a good few were addressed for this patch for sure! If you have a save where you are using a toolbelt there is a glitch that’ll cause issues with inventory and skills loading correctly so I’d recommend holding off on revisiting any saves at the moment while the team works to resolve that. But if you’re happy to start a new adventure then it’ll hopefully be smooth sailing :slight_smile:

Sunken ships still have sealed doors you can pass through and the big red containers have multiple doors, but according to others who found them they can eventually be opened too.

I’m fine with starting a new save lol I’m very experienced in SD, ty for the tips as well :slight_smile: I’m off for the weekend after today, so if I encounter any big problems, I’ll post them. Minor glitches or problems I usually brush off. Wish me luck lol

Best of luck in on your new adventure and also enjoy your weekend off! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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So far it’s good, made resource island and now making raft, things seem fine :slight_smile:

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When the map gets upgraded to the bigger version, would it be possible to retain your base island’s progress from before the map update occurs, or would you have to start a new save file to get the larger map after that update happens?

I’m mostly concerned about losing progress in the event that the map change will affect existing islands in a save, if/when the PS4 version gets the Bigger Map update added to it.

Hi. Is there any thoughts on matching the needed ingredients for antidote on Xbox? (No idea what’s needed on PS4). Still need 2 Pipi, but I understand it’s just one needed on PC?
Great updates lately btw! Keep up the amazing work!

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PS4 and XB1 are the exact same in terms of gameplay. In the Console FAQ there is a note from the team that they want to port as much from PC over as possible so if a receipe was adjusted on PC there is a high chance it will be adjusted for Console in the future but we do not have a set list of items or a timeline for ports and updates - once any information on new updates becomes available, it will be posted in the News and Announcments section :slight_smile:


Hello Standard Deep Team, new to the forums, but love love love this game. Well done. One bug I noticed is in options when you lower the controller sensitivity below 20, and then aim with a spear or a spear gun, if your aiming and scrolling you will have a major scroll spike during it. Makes aiming really hard.

Great game!

Hi ZzzzzzZ, Welcome to the forums!

I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying Stranded Deep so much and I’m sorry to hear you’re having an issue in the game.

Please submit a bug report for this issue with your version and platform in the bug reports section - Thank you :slight_smile:

Is there any way you can let Xbox players live in the bases we build like the pc users do. Love building just don’t like the fact everything else you build is outside it. Love the game tho :slight_smile:

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You can build inside your house, just takes some persistence lol. So, decide what station you want and then walk with it all around your house. Sometimes you have to keep moving it up and down through the floor, but when you find that sweet spot, go for it. You might have to go outside of your house and try to put it inside like that too. Also, if that’s a lot of work, build all of your stations on the ground, then add foundation to the ground under your stations. Now you can build walls and then ceiling, there ya have everything indoors. If the floor is too much or you want to move your stations around, just take an ax to the foundation in the ground and you will have the ground again to build whatever you like :grin: Took me awhile to figure this out before the last mod

With new mod I don’t have to do that no more, just have to be more persistent lol


I love this game!! Devs are doing an awesome job getting console players more stuff. I’ve been playing for months with containers on my sub floor of my raft and now I’m so happy to have container shelves I can use instead. Keep up the awesome work!!!

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Hi Clare is there any timeline for the next patch on the xbox one yet. I’m still playing but there does still seem to be some issues regarding the sharks and it would be nice to see the larger island world release that we have seen on pc