Patch 5 update patch?

Hi team,
Wondering if we will see an update to patch 5 anytime soon or do we have to wait months for another patch?

Some of these patch issues are game breaking!


I’m afraid I don’t have an update on when we can expect the next patch, but I know the team are working hard to resolve a lot of the issues reported after the update to 2009. I suspect it wont be long before we hear something.


I suspect it wont be long before we simply uninstall the game and go about our lives. I’m stuck in the game waiting for an update for 3 weeks now as i don’t dare corrupt my save with bugs.

Hi Screenp2, welcome to the forums

I understand any frustration players have in waiting for these issues to be resolved, especially as older saves are affected too. Though there are workarounds for a number of the issues, I know this isn’t ideal and also understand waiting until fixes are released to continue.

There are no workarounds to get the achievements that are required to complete the game so our options are to sit around and wait for ya’ll to get your butts in gear and fix this or refund my purchase…

Whats it gonna be…

Hi screenp2,

For the achievements issue (if it is the Two of Each or Who Needs the Sea achievements) players have found they have eventually unlocked when continuing to harvest plants in planters and another found sailing without a storm allowed Two of Each to unlock for them. Though there is no clear workaround, they are still unlocking. The more players who report to us how they unlock it, or what they’ve tried to unlock it can help us to narrow it down for others while the team work on the issue.

As I said before, I understand any frustration, unfortunately some issues take longer to fix than others but the team are actively working to resolve them.

If you wish to seek a refund you will need to do so from the XB or PS store support. We do not have access to player accounts (to mark the game as refunded) nor do we have access to player payment information and cannot process it on our end.

I see an update notification on the console so hopefully this is all resolved and can get back to my island.