Patch 5 - Release Info and Details

My friend I wasn’t trying to say it was you at all. Merely helping you keep an open mind and have faith in the Beam Team to keep searching to fix the problem for you. We all love this game and want to see it succeed, but we have to be patient, as much as it upsets us. Just as Claire said though, even if the patch notes don’t say the precise words you are looking for. It’s still worth taking each update, playing the game for a period of time, and seeing if it’s fixed. The more communication with devs we give them and they to us, we can help them fix these things. In short, we all in the same boat ( no pun intended), we all in this together. :slight_smile:

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Sorry I misspelled your name

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No worries - I’m used to it being spelt both ways, but I appreciate you saying so :slight_smile:
Thank you also for your understanding while we work on issues reported to us by players.

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Of course, I know we need to help them so they can fix the problems. I’m an old gamer lol. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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I think I have a new friend🤗


I’ve been playing this game non stop since I got it. It is simple, very chill yet manages to still piss you off (in a good masochists way). I got the new update on my Series X (not even optimized) and that splash screen is up for 1 second with the SSD. Everything loads fast. The game runs much better and looks a bit better than playing it on my One X.

Love this game and I want to see it grow into something bigger. I hope your team is looking into a full update optimized for Series X and PS5. More items, bigger maps, higher textures and 60fps/120fps and local (split screen) and online co-op w/hosting.

Some fixes and suggestions to look into

.Character shadow needs accuracy (look like stick figures)

.Longer days than nights please or the option to change or set the length

.Character creation (what is up with that goofy hat in 3rd person)

.Dropped item indication (especially in water)

.The watch UV info needs work. It just says High or None. At times it says High but the bar never depletes then at times it does. Can we get a percentage to show how high UV is? Say if 80 % you’ll need to find shade, but at 50% you won’t.

Thanks Team

By the way my TV settings and the amazing hardware of the Series X allows the game to run in 60fps. I never had any crashes on console. Where there were dips on my One X, Series X fixed that.

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Hi Stradnedandcantswim - welcome to the forums!

Thank you for your feedback, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the game and that it is running so nicely on your Series X! Should you wish send us any more suggestions, please feel free to do so in the Suggestions section here:

This way we can keep all suggestions and feedback from players together for the team to reference and it ensures it does not get lost in comments. I will however add the items I’ve seen here to the player suggestion list I have for the team so they’re not lost :+1:

Thank you again :slight_smile:


Oh sorry about that. I will suggest anything in that section from now on. Thanks for the quick reply.


Thank you for the update! Any chance for a Xbox Series X / PS5 patch ? Definitely would want high end graphics mode and FPS.

Thank you very much for this beautiful update, I have some proposals to make … could you add the possibility of creating containers or at least some fixed furniture for the house in order to put smoked meat in it or something else?

Create rugs with pigskin or shark skin, the possibility of giving a touch of home to the house.

I want and hope that this game makes a lot of progress, I would like, like many others, the possibility of having cages for animals to capture and raise like pigs or small pens for chickens so that they lay eggs, add something that does not make us bored and keeps us committed !!

Some heavy news that overturns the situation a bit, I hope my comment is worth something …

thank you :wink:


Hi Peppelmprota99,

Thank you for your suggestions. I would recommend posting these in the suggestions section of the forums so the team can read and reference them easily as it will help avoid them being lost in the comments section :slight_smile:

The suggestions section can be found here:

Think I have an issue with the hogs! They won’t die!! And Sharks can now swim through the island please sort it out soon! Love the game!

Hi @ all
First of all I also have to thank the Team Beam for this lovely game. My girlfriend and I are playing this game since 6 months and don’t even get rid of it.

All of us waited for an update of stranded deep and the content is really amazing BUT unfortunately the update also added more issues…
Here is a short list:

  • The big stutter between the island is gone BUT the game stutters during the normal gameplay on islands (by walking, swimming or just looking around)
  • it’s not possible to climb down the ladder of the container ship mast
  • We have a big texture issue at our footbridge. (I have attached a screenshot cause I can’t explain it…)

Are these known issues or do I have to create a bug report?


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hello sorry, can you tell me how the torch works? when you download can you recharge? with rag or other? or should I throw it away?

Did you ever figure this out? I just use the flashlight or sleep to make it daylight. I’m so not a fan of nighttime

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It states that yucca cutting and farming is avaliable. Does that mean for the farming plots because I can’t plat yucca.

Hi Mikewow49 - welcome to the forums!

Yes, when you remove leaves from a Yucca plant there should be a “Yucca Fruit” attached to the now bare tree. Picking and then planting this will allow new Yucca plants to grow.

If you continue to have issues with Yucca in your game however, please submit a bit report and I shall look into it further for you.