On PC version fixes uodate

Hi guys it’s been a few days since last post, I now play on my desktop PC and I’m wondering if there is going to be adjustments or updates to the cartographer or items added like more tools and better vegetation and animals

The only problem is (haven’t checked lately) is the floating container shelves.

No hun. I’m just looking to see if anything new has been released

Let them float. I can see better.

What is going on here. We’ve seen patches rolled out for console but nothing for PC. Still broken nearly 4 weeks later? Can we have an update please?

24 days ago I was told this " We don’t currently have an ETA for the next update, however the team are working hard to resolve issues reported by players." There’s not much we can do besides wait I have been trying to play other things until it does get fixed. I am sure when the patch is ready they will release it.