[NS] [physics] boat anchor sharks

Everytime i kill a shark, it falls throughnthe water as if it was air, tried reloading save, tried suicide, tried on and off.

Hi Goji-v,

I’m sorry to hear you have experienced this isuse in your game. Have you noticed if there is a particular type of shark that sinks like this or if it is all sharks?

Can you confirm for me what you mean by “tried suicide” and “tried on and off”?

Have you noticed a difference in how the shark corpse behaves if you use different weapons to kill it? Please let me know what you are typically using to kill sharks.

You mentioned in another post that you started a new save, has this issue been affecting all your saves or only the new one? Please also let me know if has this occured for the entire save or only started occuring after some progress in-game?

Every shark does this, in fact groupers do it too, so i think it’s every fish i can’t store on off is the classic turn the game on off and suicide iskilling myself (in game), both of these solve minor bugs, the weapon. Doesn’t seem to affect the shark most of the time i finish the shark with an axe so i can grab the corps before it falls to the deeps, this issue follows me for the entire save

Thank you for confirming that information for me Goji-v, I shall pass this onto the Switch team for them to investigate.