No Starter Crate? (Epic Games Store)

Is the Starter Crate still part of the Experimental Build?
Plattform: Epic Games Store
Version: 0.76.1

I did complete the game but I dont have such a option when starting a new game.

I am having the same problem. Completed game, tried starting a new one and there is no option.

Same here, 0.76.01 as well, Epic games store also. I checked in the .json file, and there is an option for starter crate, but I haven’t been able to hack it and get it to work changing the OFF to ON. Supposedly the option is supposed to be in the main menu when starting a new game after completing the end game, which I have done as well.

I guess it was part of the experimental build at some point but then was removed. At least I read somewhere that this was the case with the machete, which was also part of the starter crate.

There you go… Although it would have been nice to get an official statement on this. I will stop checking this thread now after 2 weeks without reply :man_shrugging:.