Night time is way too dark

ive tried every game setting and tv setting at night its so dark i cant see anything at all

Hi DjRyuu,

Thank you for reporting you are experiencing this issue. This is one the team are aware of and are working on. There was an issue with lighting changes after the 2009 update. Unfortunately there is no workaround for it at the moment.

Can you confirm for me if you are playing on XB1 or PS4?

I can’t confirm this bug in ps4 pro

ps4 consol tthat i play on

Thank you both for that info!

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yes i also use pro for my consol

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Playing on Xbox one, I can confirm that this bug was fixed with the 2033 update. But…
I think its too light now. No need for lanterns.
The night setting I found was perfect Pre 2009 patch.