Next patch for PS4

Hi is there any approximate time frame for next patch release for PS4? Or does anyone know if this works better on Xbox series models as I don’t want to buy a second version of a broken game.

I used to love playing this game. I have not played in months now due to issues, each patch I try again however it has been a while since the last patch.

This game was amazing before multiplayer came out. I want this game to work again I really miss playing it but the bugs were too much for me. I have been playing other survival games but still want to get back to playing a fixed version of Stranded Deep as this was my favourite for a long time.

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Hi Billsy88, I see it’s been a while since we’ve seen you, welcome back to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having issues in Stranded Deep. I know there are a number of issues the team are working on at the moment but I unfortunately do not have an estimated timeline for an update or releases of specific fixes.

If you wish to share the issues you’ve experienced in the Bug Report section (if there are others you haven’t reported already) I’d be happy to go through them, pass details onto the team and offer help if I can while the team works on fixes. Your own experience of issues may be helpful for the team to hear as each player’s perspective of an issue can be unique and provide useful information for the team.

I can’t speak to one console version being better than the other, the versions should be the same, but I know there are a number of players here who have both consoles and a copy of Stranded Deep for both, so hopefully they may be able to offer player insight for you based on their amount of time playing in on each system.

I have not experienced any issues that are any different to what has already been reported i tried playing after last patch and gave up quickly when myself and my friend noticed there were still a lot of bugs. We plan to start playing again when the game is fixed.

Thank you for letting me know Billsy88. I will also pass this feedback onto the team.