Next Gen Console Performance

Look let me say straight up I love the concept of this game.

The immersion factor is top notch, the gameplay loop (whilst limited) is fun. Being able to play a first person ‘Johnny Castaway’ is great fun!

I play a lot of Survival games on console as I love the genre (Ark, Long Dark, Green Hell, Minecraft, DayZ etc)

But the Xbox Series X was released on Nov 10, 2020 and we STILL have no next gen update at all for this game.

I play this game on the Xbox Series X. It’s a beefy unit (in a console sense) and I’ve really enjoyed the drastic performance increases across a lot of my older games.

But THIS game still runs at an unacceptably BAD level.

I have a moderately built up base and I STRUGGLE to get a constant 30fps playing this game.

Going from something like Ark which had it’s ‘next gen’ update within the first month of the Xbox Series release running at a silky smooth 60fps locked to THIS is so jarring and painful…

I was hoping that with the Multiplayer Update we’d see SOME sort of FPS update here at the very least but nope… not a thing.

I get that this is a small development team but the really bad performance here (nearly a full YEAR after the next gen consoles are out there) is really getting painful to deal with.

For those of us lucky enough to actually have a next gen console in hand, we’ve moved on from that 30fps acceptable standard.

This game really should (at the very least) be running at 60fps LOCKED (even at 4k).

There’s a lot of promotion on this game again now that new Multiplayer update is live, but the performance issues on this game really need to be called out.

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I pretty much agree!
I have a ps5 and I WISH I could have a next gen upgrade for this game

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