New updates to game

Hi, I’m a pretty new player and was just wondering if they’ll be any new updates to the game? Like, new animals, islands, ship wrecks, harvestible plants/ores, tools or items, bosses, building choices or anything else? Anyone know for sure?

Hi Thesidecharacter, welcome to the forums and to the Stranded Deep community as a whole!

The team are currently on the next update for console which will include the “item piles” feature. This is the last feature to be added to the console version game and the PC version is now considered feature complete. After adding the piles feature, the team will continue working on fixes for issues reported by players and take into consideration “Quality of Life” (QoL) updates that may still come across from the PC version to improve gameplay - but these will likely be more functional or behind the scenes upgrades rather than new items / animals / objects.

Does this mean the larger map is not planed for consoles?

Fingers crossed but I’m not getting my hopes up

Unfortunately no its not. Piles will be the last part of the PC content coming to consoles

As you can see from Clare’s update that was going on three WEEKS ago and we’ve been waiting on this update for a lot longer.

ie Don’t hold your breath on updates coming for this game, it’s in maintenance mode with the bearest of minimum effort being put into it.

There’s no next gen console update for this game at all, we’re well behind PC on our game version.

IMHO if you want to play the best version of the game, play it on PC. The console port of this game may as well be abandonware at this point.

Or if you’re looking for a Console survival game that actually IS in active development, gets updates and is actually supported properly - check out Minecraft, Ark, the Long Dark, Subnautica, Dayz or No Man’s sky.

you forget Green Hell which is getting an update today or else next week. Best survival game on PS4 imho. 2 of the 4 big game updates are already released and the 3th will come today or next week (new map). last update will be better building options and will come in 2023.
Almost no bugs or glitches in the game. love to play this game

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Why is it going down this way? I’d gladly pay full price for a official 1.0 version of this game on console…For the love of God developers…Please let us move on from this beta test beanie hat wearing trashed out-of-date version of the game already!! Players will buy the official release, the free beta was much appreciated…but it’s time to move forward and deliver please. Ya can’t hide behind Claire forever :wink:

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To ensure it’s not missed, please see my most recent post about the next update here: [Console] Update Information 2022/12/13 - in short: the next update is due out early next week. Details of it’s contents will be posted closer to release.