New Update - Graphics on menus are ineligible - PS4

Not sure if you guys actually played the game prior to sending to Sony and whoever else, but the graphics used in the menus are terrible. I can’t see what the heck i’m crafting or selecting. Surely a quick fix for this one???


Thanks for the feedback topit1972, is this just since the new update?
Can I ask you to post a screenshot of what you’re experiencing as well as any additional details you can give (ps4 pro etc)

I will add these details to a bug report on your behalf.


Hi again topit1972,

May I ask if you are using a HDR compatible display?
Can you disable that and see if it improves matters please?

To disable HDR, go to your PlayStation settings:

select "Sound and Screen"

select "Video Output Settings"

and finally select "HDR and set to "Off"

Let me know if that helps, appreciate the feedback.