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I’ve been playing this game non stop since I got it. It is simple, very chill yet manages to still piss you off (in a good masochists way). I got the new update on my Series X (not even optimized) and that splash screen is up for 1 second with the SSD. Everything loads fast. The game runs much better and looks a bit better than playing it on my One X.

Love this game and I want to see it grow into something bigger. I hope your team is looking into a full update optimized for Series X and PS5. More items, bigger maps, higher textures and 60fps/120fps and local (split screen) and online co-op w/hosting.

Some fixes and suggestions to look into

.Character shadow needs accuracy (look like stick figures)

.Longer days than nights please or the option to change or set the length

.Character creation (what is up with that goofy hat in 3rd person)

.Dropped item indication (especially in water)

.Please add the feature to “Drop All” items and a number counter to select if you can make multiple of the same items. Other words if I can make 4 sticks I can just keep hitting RB to select 4 instead of having to reopen the craft/quick craft screen.

.The watch UV info needs work. It just says High or None. At times it says High but the bar never depletes then at times it does. Can we get a percentage to show how high UV is? Say if 80 % you’ll need to find shade, but at 50% you won’t.

Thanks Team

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Thanks for posting these here too strandedandcantswim, much appreciated :smiley:

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No. Thanks for a great game. First game I installed on my Series X lol.

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Ur working everyday to answer our feedback thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I never loved working overtime till now :joy:

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great game. how about a useable map. been lost at sea so many times while exploring isles. game map no help at all. place a findable map somewhere on an island so we know were we are when we move from isle to isle.

I thought about this too. Maybe they will. What I do is build something on islands that shows me which way is my island. Have something facing in the direction you need to go.

yea i build towers then put a lantern and use my compass clear one island at a time, when all the trees are gone easy to see from distance. yea you can make an island, but no map to show you were you put it. Hope the make a map.

I really haven’t messed with map creator on my Xbox. I just want the devs to put more items, crafting abilities, better textures/animations and performance with a real local co-op mode for consoles.