New raft light hook issue xbox

Good day everyone,
New guy here and New to the game (1 week) as well.
I just got the new update and made a light hook for my raft but I can’t seem to place a lantern on it.
Am I missing something?


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Hi Nghtrdr, Welcome to the forums!

If you approach an hook with a lantern in your hand, there should be an interaction option to attach the light to the hook. If this doesn’t show up for you, please let us know in a bug report and include a screenshot if you can.

Hi Clare
No interaction available on the raft or on land. I tried both and can’t get it to work.
I also notice the nights are way darker. To the point you can’t do anything now unless you have a light source. Noon light is useless now.

The raft now does a nice bouncy trick when parked over any sea plant, throwing everything on it into the ocean as it does it’s dance.

The motor is useless. I driff faster than the motor moves me if it’s moving me at all. Hard to tell (drift).

Is it me or are the days way shorter with the update?

My collection of tarps is now useless for anything. Could they not have replaced the tarps with cloth?

Sorry but are these updates not tested?
Very frustrating but at the same time it is a move forward. Hopefully there is a micro update soon.


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Hi Nghtrdr,

As you have a few issues I have moved you post to the Bug reports section. Thank you for detailing what you are experiencing with the new update, I shall issue a report to the team for each.

It may be worth clearing the cache of the console by shutting down and unplugging for 2 mins before rebooting if you have not done so since the update to see if that helps at all.

I double checked with the team and they have confirmed that no changes were made to the day length for this update. Are you using a HDR TV/Monitor? We’re aware of an issue with HDR settings on PS4 but have yet to have an report from XB1, so if you are, please try turning HDR settings off on the console and the TV to see if that helps the lighting at all. If you are able to provide a screenshot of how dark you’re finding it for our reference that would be very helpful.

I completely understand how frustrating these issues can be and will pass these details onto the team immediately. Please let me know if clearing of the cache or changing of settings helps at all.

I have cleared the game cache with no change to the issues. I do not have HDR on as my tv does not support it.

The boat motor works in reverse but does not in forward. Reverse is very slow and sluggish now. I can manually pull the raft faster.

The light hooks do not work on land or on the raft. As you can see in the snap shots there is no interaction notice.

Night picture added. I previously could see more before the update. It was not as dark as it is now.

Also know these issues are on 2 separate xb1’s in my house.


Hi Nghtrdr,

Thank you for sharing those images, these are great and I will add them to my report on the light hook issue for the team and I will also submit one on the light levels at night, I can see how it does look darker than before.

For the Motor, is this one that existed before the update, or one that was created afterwards?

The motor was created before the update. I can try 're creating it to see if it’s behavior changes and post it here.

If you do give it a go, I’d appreciate you letting me know how you get on. I know some other players tried it and had no luck. But I’m not sure how successful something like breaking it down, reloading the game and then creating a new one would be.

Whatever you try, any info is great because I can keep track of player’s experiences for the team regardless :slight_smile:

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The motor was created before last update, but new problems with steering has raised. From what I seen and read, some of us are having problems using the motor while driving the raft, in short, we have to use the rudder to steer

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Thank you Mtragincajun79,

I’m seeing a combination of only forwards and backwards, only backwards, some rudders working, some not and want to keep track of who’s experiencing what and with what setup.

Yw, I haven’t played much since update #5, but im planning on playing tonight to see if I can find some work-a-rounds. At least something till next patch or update

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