New Piles feature


So it’s great that we get Piles now!
But why can’t we be able to put piles on Foundations?
We still can’t put craftable items (Plank Station) on Foundations either. Wasnt this planned for the new update?


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Yess this would be a major help to fix. Sadly piles are only limited to a few objects. Cant make fish or crab piles, no tarp piles, etc. it would be nice if when the pile is made to either have all items put in at once when its crafted or put a add one or add all button to the piles to make it easyer to put items away.


Thank you Shaolindruid and Abates for your feedback about the new piles.

Regarding placing them on foundations, I believe the team were working on this issue for crafting stations recently, but it may not have been ready for releasing in the most recent update.

That said, I will pass on the feedback about the piles being placed on the foundations incase it is not part of the adjustment they’re working on for the crafting stations.

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