New endgame goals, craftable items, findable items, tools, boss fight mechanics and more suggestions

Add survivors to random islands. Those survivors should be interactable with. Each survivor would have a specific condition that a player has to meet in order to convince them to join him/her on their island. 1 survivor would require player to have a sustainable source of water supply, 2nd to have sustainable food generation from farms, 3rd a solid base/house fitted with beds, tables, stools etc. Once a survivor would join player on an island it would take over the taking care of watering the plants, refuelling water production apparatous (cant recall whats it called) and storing it, if storage is avaliable. Once all survivors are convinced to join player on his/hers island the option to end the game by forming a funcioning society would appear/be avaliable.
After finishing butchering boars corpses, bones would remain in its place which we would be able to pick up and craft into bone needle. Ropes and cloth or ropes and leather can then be stiched into clothes giving us some bonuses. Pants, t-shirt, hat for sun resistance; boots for running speed; gloves for working speed (less time spent refuelling, less strikes needed to chop down a tree etc), backpacks for increase carryining capacity. Dyes could also be introduced by hunting octapusses, drying/grinding plants/fruits to give some colour variety but this would really only be noticable in co-op or multiplayer if thats even planned.
Different kinds of poisons: higher stamina/breath usage, higher sensitivy to sun exposure, one being noticably more deadly.
Add raft mountable harpoon launcher.
To beat one of the bosses player would have to sail faster than it can swim, if caught players raft and character would get destroyed in a few attacks. Add a island that would have a ‘river’ on it and make this boss chase players through it to make the steering part of sailing an important part of beating this boss. The kraken should strive to grip the players raft and once enough of its tenticals are on the raft start pulling it towards its mouth/beak. To beat it player needs to melee attack krakens’ tenticales once they grip the raft to force it to realease the grip and take the time in between to throw spears/shoot harpoons at the visible (unsubmerged) parts of kraken until it realizes that the player is not a viable food source for it and leaves him/her alone.
Add an island with a canibal tribe on it. It could be just for covert exploring, looting or, if the survivors from the start of my post are included, it could be another endgame scenario. By bringing all of the survivors bodies to the tribe the player would make him/herself worthy of becoming their leader thus forming a ‘funcional’ society and in the endgame cutscene it would show that once the food would run out the leader of the cannibals would be the next meal.
Add a camera into the game. A findable object which, when used, would create a picture, with time and date (days survived) on them, that a player could display/hang on wall in his/hers cabin/home. I think that taking pictures from those big rock formations on islands could be fun.
Adding a 2nd hunger bar that would display protein, mineral food intake thus forcing players to have a somewhat balanced diet of meat and vegetables. Eating only meat would induce mineral deficiency status lowering players sun resistance and adding a chance to blackout which can lead to death from dehydration, starvation. Eating only meat would induce protein deficiency status which would lower maximum stamina, increase its usage and lowering damage caused by attacks.
More wildlife diversity: boar on an island makes litlle sense so why not add oxes, goats, sheep, wolfes, bears, cows…maybe even allow for a domesticate feature allowing players to take them back to their island to have a steady supply of fur, milk or a dog companion following the around and helping with the hauling, hunting/defending from wildlife. Multiple speacies of snakes: mamba (very lethal venom), phyton (non poisonus attacks, would try to wrap around a players character to completly immobilize them)…
Add a dart board, horseshoe pin type of game. If there would be a in game leaderboard this could be a fun side game/contest between players.
MMO idea, if one is planned. Set the game in the Waterworld (1995) world. I juust have this crave for a game where a group of players rams their raft in another groups’ and board it, trying to rob them, destroying their raft or just simply eliminate them beacause they are not allied with their faction.