New base building options

Could we get maybe some more building options for our homes? Just a few ideas:

Weapon/tool racks
Curtains made from cloth
Rugs made from boar skin which could also hang on walls
Indoor fireplace
Beds to lay sleeping bags on
Different styled tables
Cups and plates to put on the table
Large chests/wardrobes to use as storage

Just a few things to make a house feel more homely


I second this, especially the idea of using animal hides as decorative pieces. Indoor fireplace could be really cool, requiring brick I’d assume.

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Agree 100% and make these things intractable such as chairs for instance why build it if you cant use it. Would also like to see stone added as a building option make some more nodes spawn and build big stone mansion. Lastly roofing options need to be expanded to include all materials used in building metal , plank etc not just stick or clay.

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The roof materials! Forgot all about that, yeah I was thrown off multiple times that I could only makes roofs and floors out of sticks or planks.

Yes please.
The animal hide idea I really like. As for plates and such maybe a new skin for the tables with it decked out so we don’t have to play with stuff constantly moving on us if bumped.
Curtains on Windows would be a nice touch as well!

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Sono pienamente d’accordo ■■■ te, anche se per i sacchi a pelo si potrebbe fare a meno, ci vorrebbero delle cose che possano fare una casa più una casa e non averla così vuota

Google Translated: Sleep as long as I agree with you, if you want to be able to do it yourself, if you like it, you can make a house as a house and not as much.

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