Multiplayer game not saving

I played the multiplayer game 3 or 4 time now and it will not save. It says it is saving but when you exit the game there is nothing there. I have tied reinstalling the game and nothing. I have played with different people also. I am on Xbox

Hi Naterpin, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with saving in multiplayer. Please let me know:

  • Are you the host of each of the Multiplayer games you’ve played?
  • Are you using a Shelter or Bedroll to save the game?
  • Are you able to save the game in single player mode?
  • What save slot are you using and have you tried using a different one?
  • Is you game hosted on your console or an external drive?

Any extra information about the steps taken when saving and playing the game would be greatly appreciated as they may help us to narrow down where this error is occuring.

You just load back in. The main menu shows days survived for single player just select Play Online then Continue

It just said there was no save. I was on a different save file than my solo game also. It just starts a new game

Hi Naterpin,

I’m sorry this issue is persisting for you. In case you missed my response above, please provide any extra information you can based on the questions above above regarding your setup and gameplay. This may help me to suggest workarounds for you to try as well as help the team find the cause of the issue you are experiencing.