More Functionality in Built Objects

I noticed that after building a raft or vehicles do not indicate the damage percentages for repairs. After building objects like floors, walls, foundations, roofs and Docks(ideas used with what is available in-game already) do not indicate weather/environmental damage percentages to each type of different material types of durabilities and have a method to repair them with additional parts that increases a skill level.

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Is this a recommendation for the devs because if not the only damage building materials sustain is from an axe or knife hitting it

I placed the post in the correct place, yes, it’s a suggestion/recommendation.

I have experienced a raft losing buoyancy after hitting rocks and other objects crafted (such as docks) in the water. I had to tear down the raft and reconstruct it to get it back to the way it was floating before running it into things. All objects that i carry as on person, and not the raft directly. So the buoyancy isn’t affect by anything but the toon maneuvering the raft.

You must be on pc. I’m on console, my raft is 6x6 and can carry at least 70 containers on container shelves, 5 sails, 2 rudders and an anchor. It’s a mix match off all the raft bases with planks for floor.

I hit things all the time and I’ve haven’t experienced any buoyancy issues.

On console if raft bases are connected on two or more sides it can’t be deconstructed

Lack of information about damage suggests indestructibility. I have not experienced the destruction of a raft or structure. The damage and repair system would be interesting. And information about the state of wear and tear on the raft or on the built elements. More natural. I like this idea.

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