[MAC-STEAM] [0.90.11] Watch/status wrong POV

Whenever I try to use the watch, it goes lower down as if I was running around and does not allow me to use it and see my vitals. I re installed the game and the first launch the bug wasn’t there but right after I quit and re launched, the bug was back. If anyone can recommend something I do because I bought the game to play with my friends who are fine and now cannot because im missing something extremely important in the game.

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Did you try holding the key you use for the watch?

Yes, I tried holding it, trying to rapidly tap it, everything.

In that case, I’d guess it’s a Mac issue with the game. First time I heard of this. Hopefully the devs see this.

I noticed my watch is partially out of view and too close when standing on a parked, tilted raft. Otherwise it’s fine. So you may want to try bringing up your watch at different places. Also you can try changing the FOV in the settings, though even at the minimum 60 degrees the watch should be viewable.

This is an issue of the hand and watch going up too far.
If holding a spear you can see the screen of the watch but not clearly.
When the watch key is pressed, F by default, and held the hand and watch go past the head camera.

The M1 chip has a built in graphics card.
This may be an issue with how Unity deals with the camera position using that built in graphics card.
Since Mac users can’t change the card…
Either detect the graphics card and adjust the head camera or the arm’s final position.
Or give an in game option for the arm’s final position.

I’ve been looking at these forms (Ive had the game since the early betas). I have switched to m1 Macs and have been screwing around with the settings trying to find a way to view the watch stats, now the writing on the second page isn’t really readable but the bars on the first screen can be viewed.
This keeps the watch om screen for around 1 second but long enough to view the stats. So I first turned the field of view to 80 (exactly) and then tried and it showed for a second when pressed. Make sure not to hold it down or it will go through the head

Edit: It is also easier to see if holding a version of a whole coconut

I am still having this issue. I purchased the game yesterday after playing for about a year on my playstation. I have a Macbook Pro M1 2021. I was hoping they would have a mod, or fix that would allow us to pin our stats on the Hud so I could play but they don’t. I was really excited to play this game and this bug just completely breaks the game. Its even more frustrating that they’ve known about it since at least June of last year from what I’ve seen. Could you please introduce an option to put the status up on the hud, maybe like displayed in the center of the backpack circle? That way we could still at least tell whats going on as a work around?

Hello everyone.

The dev team have found a solution to this issue.
There is no timeline for the next release or if this will make it into that release.
We just wanted to let you know that a solution is on the horizon, hopefully in an upcoming release.

Just to reiterate: no promises regarding release date.