[Mac][0.90.00][notification] Repeated Inventory Full Notice without clicking

When near crates or items with a full inventory, the buzzer and notification plays indicating that you can’t interact because the inventory is full. It goes off repeatedly despite not attempting to interact with the item. I thought it was just my keyboard but then I played remote play with a friend and it was happening to both of us. Today I played single player again and did not experience it but before playing with my friend I experienced the problem only occasionally and assumed my keys were sticking and unsticking.

This affected seeds on all save slots.

It occurred on laptop, low and medium presets. I have a large custom island on the map which is potentially too big or has too much stuff on it.

It seems to happen after playing for a while and more frequently in remote play.

-I have tried reloading and restarting the computer and closing anything else that might be running. It still happens on and off.
-I have not tried reinstalling the game.

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This is also happening for us on PC (Epic). If the item or box is highlighted (i.e., focused), then the sound emits without attempting to perform any inventory actions or interact with the item not in inventory.

So far I’ve only played co-op on 0.90.00 so that’s where I’ve noticed it.