Loss of connection and I tems

My wife and I were playing coop together when I kept on getting disconntected. When I came back, finally, We had lost a few crates and a whole bunch of useful items. This needs to get fixed if you was to contiue to have a fan base.

Hi Spook69,

I’m sorry to hear this issue has affected your multiplayer game.

Please let me know:

  • What console are you and your wife playing on?

  • What is the NAT type of your connection (this information should be in the network settings of your console - if they are different please indicate who is the host and who is joining the game)

  • What region were you playing in? If set to “Auto”, what region are you in?

  • Was the host connection the one that continuously dropped out or was it a mixture of the host and the joined player?

  • The lost items you referred to, were these lost because of the disconnection and not being saved, or should they have been on your island when you reloaded from the last save point?

Any further details you can provide about your experience of this issue would be greatly appreciated as it can help the team to investigate further.