Loss of base island

xbox1 single player normal settings passive wildlife
After 32 daysI logged into my console version to find my 154 day survivalist gone, I had survived fished and crafted hadI came bk after a month’s break (rl) the bug deleted my base game day 154 and 3 others, my game day 30 returned but missing over 200 pieces of clay, 100 stone and 75 sticks plus 3 crates lashing leather and cloth and 6 crares fish as well as my base housing made with over 250 bricks :cry:


Thank you for reporting this issue in a separate post so I can look into it. It seemed there were also some additional bits copied over in this post so I’ve removed them for you :+1:

Please let me know the following:

  • Do you recall when this original save was created? By the sounds of it, it may have been created in version 2033, but if you know roughly when you started it I can tell whether it was the previous version or earlier.

  • When this issue occurred, was the “continue” option missing from the main menu? And if so, did you check if the save file itself was still on your system?

  • Have you since created a new single player game in the same slot?

  • Had you renamed anything in the game, and if so, did you use anything other than letters and numbers when doing so?

With regards to your 30 days game:

  • Same question as above regarding when this save was created ^

  • Where are the items missing from? were they around your island or was everything storage or inside your base house?

  • Was the entire island reset or did some items remain?

  • Had you saved on this island or did you save on another island and travel back?

  • Did you use the cartographer to replace any islands in this save at all?

  • Have you built anything on this base island since loading the game and finding your items gone?

I understand how disheartening this must be and any extra info you can give about this would be helpful in investigating what may have caused these issues to occur.

The last save of that game was August 7th I remember because I logged in to play and it was my birthday I played for an hour logged back in that night it was gone

I used cartographer to replace 7 :desert_island: they were in the kust but none were placed as I had them

Sweety the last time I saw anything of that game was Au6 7th.

I was at home base building my station saved there

Renamed only storage containers with leather cloth hide lashing cod and hammers

Original save was February 1st or there about

Thank you for that information. I shall pass this onto the team for them to investigate.