Loose Items on Container Shelves without Containers float in air

This is a funny one, I don’t have enough containers to load onto a container shelf to hold a certain item and don’t want to just stuff the item in some other container cause that’s horribly unorganized… So I simply dropped the loose item onto the top empty shelf and found that it floats in the air roughly the height of a container…

I’m on XBox1, 2104, My Item is a can of beans, the container shelf has 2 of 3 containers on it, and i have not yet messed with any custom island stuff. Both Land & Raft container shelves (i tested on raft after just to make sure for this post, i don’t plan to actually sail around with loose stuff like that).

Not sure what other info would be relevant.

FYI: I’m leaving the beans floating in the air. LoL. I’m sure i’ll get another container soon. I’ve only cleared 16 of my 22 islands so far.

Hi Picaro,

Thanks for reporting this. This sounds like that can of beans is sitting on top of the collider for the container shelf.

This could be considered “As Designed” by the team, but I’ll pass it onto them anyway just to be sure.

Thanks again :slight_smile: